Pamir 2003

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Долина реки Южного ледника пика Белый. Valley of the unnamed river (at south of Beliy peak).
Перевал "Злая осыпь" с востока. View to our first pass - the talus to the right of a snowfield. As pioneers we named it "Spiteful talus".
Вид на перевал "Злая осыпь" с седловины перевала "Тяжелых раздумий". View to the "Spiteful talus" from the next pass (also the first ascent, it was named "Heavy thoughts" - due to the difficulties of pathfinding). The valley under - we seem to be the first human beings to see it…
Крутой конгломератный спуск на Запад с седловины первала "Тяжелых раздумий". Steep conglomerate descent from "Heavy thoughts" pass
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